Commercial and General Litigation

The Fast Law Firm is dedicated to resolving disputes in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Learn more…


Are you or your business owed money? Have your demand letters not achieved their intended results? Do you need legal help enforcing a judgment?

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Helping Landlords

The Fast Law Firm represents landlords of both commercial and residential property in simple and complex disputes and litigation.  Learn more…

Helping Tenants

The Fast Law Firm represents tenants of both commercial and residential property in simple and complex disputes and litigation.  Learn more…

Real Estate Litigation

The Fast Law Firm represents clients in simple and complex real estate disputes in South Florida. Learn more…

Employment Law

The Fast Law Firm represents both employees and employers in disputes and litigation regarding  Employment Law and compliance matters. Learn more…

Debtor Defense

Are you being harassed by creditors or debt collectors? Do you need legal help defending against a lawsuit or threats of a lawsuit for money you allegedly owe?  Learn more…

Outside General Counsel

Let the Fast Law Firm be your company’s affordable Outside General Counsel that you can count on for business-minded legal advice. Learn more…

Copyrights & Trademarks

The Fast Law Firm assists clients with resolving disputes involving copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, and trade secrets, whether through negotiation and out-of-court settlement or defending and enforcing their intellectual property rights in court. Learn more…

Construction Law

The Fast Law Firm has experience representing industry members in matters including contract drafting and review, mechanics liens,  construction defects, and dispute resolutionLearn more…

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Robert Fast

Robert Fast

In addition to being an attorney, Mr. Fast combines an MBA and broad business management experience to provide pragmatic, business-minded solutions and affordable general counsel representation to the firm's clients.
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I’m not even sure where to begin when I talk about what a great lawyer Robert Fast is. When I first came to him I was confused and angry. Robert helped me clarify what my position was, made me think about what my ideal outcome was and what I would be willing the trade to get as close to it as I could. I work with lawyers almost every day in my professional life but when it came to my own need for legal advice I felt pretty isolated; Robert established a rapport that exists to this day. Robert took the time to understand my situation and then he fought for my interests. At my request he took me out of the mix and handled negotiations – what a relief it was to know that I wouldn’t have to deal with all that stress on my own. Robert also was always very honest, he never sugar-coated worst case scenarios but it was okay because he had made me think through and communicate what my worst case scenario was; there might be disappointment but not surprises. In short, I can’t recommend or thank Robert enough. I have worked side by side with $700/hour lawyers and Robert is no doubt their equal.
C.C.ExecutiveFort Lauderdale, Florida

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