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The Fast Law Firm practices both debt collection and defense against collections.


  • Are you or your business owed money?
  • Have your demand letters not achieved their intended results?
  • Do you need legal help enforcing a judgment?

The Fast Law Firm can help your business with most aspects of collections, including matters that will not require litigation, as well as with litigation of collections, and domestication and execution/enforcement of judgments.

The firm also handles other collection-related matters, such as equipment and vehicle replevins.


  • Preparation of Demand Letters

  • Commercial Collections, including

    • Accounts Receivables

    • Credit Card Loans

    • Leases

    • Breaches of Contract

  • Lien Placement

  • Mechanic’s Liens

  • Personal Property Replevin

  • Bad Checks

  • Promissory Note Enforcement

Collections Litigation and Post-Judgement Actions

  • Awards of Judgement

  • Domestication of Judgments

  • Lien Enforcement

  • Foreclosure of Security Interests

  • Fraudulent Transfer

  • Asset Location

  • Execution/Enforcement of Judgement

  • Garnishments of Wages

  • Attachment and Levy of Assets

  • …and most other collections matters.

Pre-Litigation Collections

Resolving collections matters without litigation is, of course, preferred whenever possible. In the pre-litigation collection process the firm utilizes various strategies, such as preparing effective demand letters and negotiating win-win settlements and business solutions.

These are often the most cost effective means because they are the least costly and because they can often resolve a majority of uncollected monies.

Collecting without litigation provides several benefits for you, including:

  • Saving Money: Avoiding litigation means avoiding court costs, litigation fees, and other financial costs (including opportunity costs) related to the litigation process.

  • Saving Time: Avoiding litigation allows you to recover money faster by avoiding the time and delays of formal legal proceedings

  • Saving Effort: Avoiding litigation helps you to focus on your business, without the preparation and involvement required throughout the litigation process.

Collections Litigation

If litigation for collections is necessary or advisable, The Fast Law Firm will work closely with you during the entire process. Once we start litigation, we will obtain your judgment and lien rights as quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as performing a thorough debtor’s asset review, if necessary.

The goal for collections litigation is the same as for any litigation: to achieve the best results for you, while keeping you fully advised of the costs, benefits, and risks along the way.

The Fast Law Firm will handle your collections litigation matters to maximize the chances of recovery and amounts recovered while minimizing the costs.

Post-Judgment Collections

The Fast Law Firm will also assist in collections following litigation and the domestication and enforcement of judgements. In fact, the real work of the collection process often begins after a judgment is obtained. Whether you obtained your judgement through us or another law firm, we can pursue recovery for you.

The Firm can aggressively enforce judgments through all legal means, including domestication of foreign judgments, recording judgments with the state and counties, locating and seizing assets, and garnishing wages and bank accounts.

The Fast Law Firm will provide you with legal help, legal advice and legal counsel for your matters involving debt collection including promissory note collection, awards of judgment, lien enforcement, foreclosure of security interests, fraudulent transfer and asset location, garnishments of wages, and attachment and levy of assets.

Whether you need a litigator or just legal help or legal advice, call now and let an attorney at the Fast Law Firm help you resolve your debt collection issue.


Legal knowledge and experience.

With affordable fees: $199/hr. + costs.

Call us now for a FREE phone consultation.

(954) 324-7529

Serving clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.